• Santiago Niño-Becerra (Chair of Economic Structure at Ramón Llull University, Barcelona). Interview here
  • Arcadi Oliveres (Professor in the department of Applied Economy at Barcelona Autónoma University). Interview here
  • Carlos Taibo (Professor of Management and Politic Science at Madrid Autónoma University). Interview here
  • Mariano Marzo (Chair of Stratigraphy and Professor of Energy Resources and Petroluem Geology at the Faculty of Geology, University of Barcelona). Interview here
  • Pedro Prieto (Vice-President of the Spanish Association for the Study of Energy Resources). Interview here
  • Francisco Álvarez Molina (Former Vice-President of the Paris Stock Exchange and Independent Financial Adviser). Interview here
  • Timothée Duverger (Professor of Contemporary History at Bordeaux Montaigne University). Interview here
  • Vincent Cheynet (Director and Chief Editor of La Décroissance magazine). Interview here
  • Bruno Clementin (President of the Economic and Social Institute for the Sustainable Degrowth and Manager of La Décroissance magazine)
  • Paul Aries (Political Scientist and Director of La vie est à Nous ! / Le Sarkophage magazine). Interview here
  • Christian Laurut (Ensayist working on prospective economy and degrowth)
  • Michel Lepesant (Author of “Política(s) del Decrecimiento” and Member of the M.O.C. -Growth Objectors Mouvement-)
  • Christian Sunt (Spokesman of the M.O.C. -Growth Objectors Mouvement-)
  • Mauro Bonaiuti (Economist and Professor at the Universities of Modena, Bologna and Turin, specialising in bio-economy, and Author of “La grande transizione. Dal declino alla società di decrescita”). Interview here